Divinely devoted to spirituality.

 Welcome to my about me page, where the journey of self-discovery and growth unfolds. Here, you'll find a glimpse into the tapestry of my life, woven with diverse experiences, passions, and aspirations. From the depths of introspection to the heights of exploration, I invite you to embark on a voyage of understanding and connection. Discover the threads that shape my identity, the passions that fuel my soul, and the pursuit of knowledge that propels me forward. Join me as we navigate the intricacies of life, embracing the beauty of human existence and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. Together, let's delve into the depths of my story and unearth the essence of who I am.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Samantha Carpenter, a psychic medium who discovered my intuitive abilities at a young age. As a child, I would engage in creative play, crafting mud pies and herbal potions in the woods, although my parents did not think much of it at the time. It was not until later that they realized the significance of these activities.


My intuitive gifts began to manifest when I was ten years old, following my second heart surgery. I was born with a condition known as atrial septal defect (ASD), which required medical intervention. The initial procedure, a transcatheter heart repair, took place at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. It involved the placement of an experimental device, resembling an umbrella, to seal the hole in my heart. Unfortunately, during the procedure, my heart stopped beating, and I had to be resuscitated. Subsequently, I underwent open-heart surgery at Saint Joseph's Hospital in Tampa to address the issue. After recovering from these surgeries, I embarked on a new journey.


It was during my elementary school years that I purchased my first Oracle deck, accompanied by a friend, at a book fair. The deck, titled "Titania's Fortune Cards" by Titania Hardie, came in an elegant gold book-style box. Opening it revealed a burgundy interior adorned with captivating illustrations and insightful instructions on how to interpret the cards according to the author's and illustrator's perspectives. Instantly, I felt a deep connection with the deck. The vivid imagery, featuring neon negatives of various objects, held a particular fascination for me. As time went on, it became evident that I was receiving messages and utilizing my intuition to provide guidance to both myself and my friends, thus enabling me to offer readings for others. The accuracy of these readings often prompted people to inquire about the source of my information, which led me to describe my gifts as being a conduit for messages, with the cards serving as a means of validation.


Motivated by a growing curiosity, I embarked on a journey of exploration beyond cartomancy. I delved into subjects such as crystal healing, chakras, aura reading, herbalism, astrology, casting, and photo psychometry. As a result of this extensive research, I began crafting my own divination tools. Presently, my time is predominantly dedicated to providing online oracle readings and sharing insights on TikTok, where you can find me under the username @Samanthatheoracle. I am continuously evolving on this path of self-discovery in the intricate tapestry of life, expanding my knowledge not only within the confines of our world but also reaching beyond, into the vastness of the universe.


Thank you for allowing me to share my journey with you.


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